How it Started

It all started with a passionate cook and an Idea to create healthier, convenient meals that aren't frozen or processed. On top of this, the meals also needed to bring maximum health benefits to cater for all. When researching meal-prep companies to get inspiration, she found most companies provided frozen or not-so-tasty food (but not all companies).

The goal was and still is to bring maximum health benefits without compromising the flavours. Over time, she developed incredible recipes Inspired by Mediterranean flavours and decided It was time to start the business. Thus Meal Prep Bosses was born.


Meal Prep Bosses had kicked off successfully, so it was time to get more exposure. The founder managed to get in touch with a professional footballer and what was meant to be a short marketing campaign, quickly turned into a successful partnership and now, one big family. Today, Meal Prep Bosses delivers healthy, freshly cooked meals across NSW and soon to be Australia-wide.

The Mission

Ultimately, Meal Prep Bosses aspires to support, encourage and educate Australians about diversity and how holistically health and fitness can really be. Our mission is to fuel all those living an active lifestyle with fresh and high quality nutritious foods, as well as guide those who require a little extra.

The future of Meal Prep Bosses is super exciting, we're consistently investing into the company and looking at more ways to provide a better service that is most convenient and efficient to our customers... not to mention new and exciting flavours still to come!